CEO’s Message

When the executive management put in mind the implementation of the directives of the Board of Directors in order to achieve a vision to enhance the workflow at Alijarah Holding and its subsidiaries, considering our values and principles, the implementation had been applied in a manner that made successive developments evident which led Alijarah to become one of the best companies in Qatar. There is no doubt that maintaining success requires us to work hard to continue what we have started. Our driving goal is to grow, succeed and become a leader in all the businesses that we engage in. We seek to expand our business and diversify our activities through the introduction of new products in the fields of property development, infrastructure, equipment and hospitality services which contribute to improving our ability to carry out tasks that will reflect on the conduct of work and activities in the long term. We firmly believe that the developments achieved will have a positive and powerful impact on the future of the Group. By being faithful to our values coupled with healthy finances and hard work, we will definitely achieve the targets that we set.

We ensure that as our businesses grow, the communities around us get the right opportunities to develop as well.

The executive management spares no effort to build a Group based on solid foundations in accordance to the standards and principles of corporate governance to ensure the achievement of maintaining a constant rate of growth. In this mindset, our human resources remain the most precious asset as the driving force to achieve our strategic plans.

For our frontline employees, your commitment and your discipline are very important to maintain our business continuity. It is our priority to support you to face all the challenges with confidence. And when we do, we will look back with pride on how we did so, together.

You are the assets of the Group.

Alijarah depends on its cadres, which performs an active role in the development of resources and implementation, considering the values and principles that underpin the vision of Alijarah to achieve its objectives. This implication is supported by a cohesive, strong and balanced management system keen for sustainable development.

The Group is working towards securing a solid and stable financial position by maximizing cash flows from operating activities and strengthening the Group’s capital base which will enable the portfolio companies to target larger and more profitable opportunities, as well as restructuring those companies with an aim to increase profitability, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Through expertise, capacity and capabilities, Alijarah has become able to absorb the recent technology and applying it widely in all its administrative, financial and technical works, which contributes to the expansion of the scope of business relying on a solid base established by creative work as directed by the Board of Directors which realizes exactly the elements of the administrative work and the country policies and directions with regards to sustainable development. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors developed the tools and capabilities that has undoubtedly placed Alijarah up to the highest standards of corporate performance.

Hamad Shareef Al Emadi

Chief Executive Officer