About Alijarah Property

Alijarah Property is a 100% subsidiary of Alijarah Holding Company.

It is the jewel in the crown of the Alijarah Holding Business. Alijarah Property commenced its business in late 2008. It was in the worst of times that we saw opportunities for the future. It successfully launched in early 2009, the sale of Lusail Plots in the North and West Waterfront Areas. The public lottery in allotting plots was our taste of success. We pursued our aggressive sales of Lusail plots through the entire year of 2009.

Today, we are in the state of handing over one of the largest infrastructure development projects in the Middle East, the development of the Lusail Plot areas. We don’t make promises, we keep them. Our agency relationship with the Government is today in the form of a model public-private partnership that will assure the citizens the delivery of a quality infrastructure in Lusail which will enable them to build their dream homes.

Alijarah Property Vision

Our goal is to always work on setting up modern and distinctive real estate projects. Our unique vision and clear strategy are the basis of our distinction and the foundation of our success.

Project Management Office

Life at Alijarah Property is all about projects. In order to effectively and efficiently manage our projects and deliver them on time, under cost and on quality, our projects are managed through our Project Management Office (PMO).Our PMO houses young, bright engineers, architects, surveyors, quality assurance and control engineers, contract specialists and is equipped with the latest tools and techniques, software and data-management and archiving systems.


Alijarah Property has currently commenced the launch of the infrastructure development of Lusail Northern and West Waterfront Areas. This is one of the largest infrastructure projects currently in Qatar and in the Middle East. Covering an area 19 Million Square Feet, the project objective is to lay the foundation of tomorrow’s community living in the Lusail Area of Qatar. The project covers works that will convert undeveloped land to a developed state and will include laying approach roads, water, electricity distribution, drainage, gas network and landscaping. The project will enable Qatari citizens to build their dream homes in line with the Government’s vision of providing quality housing.


Alijarah Property completed building a company owned industrial facility that support the logistics, site-operations and warehousing services for businesses that are established or expanding in the State of Qatar.

industrial land

APD on behalf of the Holding Company is completed in building an environment friendly, business focused, customer attractive corporate offices to house all the businesses in a prominent business address in Qatar


Our Contacts

Telephone: +974-44100400
Email: property@alijarah.com